5 Reasons Why We Should Let Our Kids Pick What They Want to Wear

While you know what’s proper for your kids to wear for each season, you probably wonder what’s the best age for them to pick what they should use. The answer is the earlier you could, the better. If your kid starts refusing what you let them use and becomes vocal about their wardrobe, then it’s a sign that they’re growing. So, whether they choose girls zip ups or a cool denim t-shirt for boys, let them make their own decision.

Here are a few of the good reasons you should let them choose their clothes:

They Can Express Themselves

Choosing their own outfit is more than simply picking out something nice to wear. It also provides them the liberty to express their opinions and ensure they’re using something that they’re comfortable in. Perhaps the ones you were letting them use didn’t suit their character, so they didn’t feel comfortable wearing them. In this transition, you may find that they have different tastes from yours. Just keep in mind that whatever they pick, it’s all about experimentation and discovering their style.

It Can Boost Their Self-confidence

We develop a self-concept at an early age, so it’s just natural for your kids to display their personalities with their clothing.

Encourage your kids to choose clothing that matches their identity when shopping for a new outfit. This allows them to become more positive with who they are and can boost their self-esteem. This is especially important in the later stage of childhood and early adolescence since these are the years when they’re most likely experimenting with their own identity. For example, if they choose a particular color and style of swimsuits for tweens & girls, don’t insist on what you want because you believe it looks better on them.

They Will Learn How to Make Decisions

As parents, we know that wearing shorts in the winter season is not a good idea, but it’s essential to let children see the impacts of their actions. Besides, learning from experience is much better than just being told something will occur, so provide them the freedom to make decisions about what to wear.

You Know They Will Wear the Clothes

Isn’t it frustrating when you go out and buy some clothing for your kids, and they refuse to use them? But if you let them pick their own clothes, you know that they’re wearing them. Plus, you do not have to argue with them every morning about what they must wear during the day. There’s no sense in creating unnecessary stress in life, forcing your daughter to use a dress for a family dinner when she actually wants to wear skinny jeans.

It Teaches Them the Responsibility of Budgeting

Among the important things you can teach your kid is how to handle money. One way to do this is to provide a clothing budget and let them buy for themselves, especially teenage girls who are conscious about fashion. If she has a fixed amount of cash to spend on clothing, she will learn how to choose what she wants and what needs to be prioritized. So, if she decides where to buy onesie pajamas for girls, it’s a part of owning the responsibility.


Bear in mind that letting your children pick what to use is helping them boost their self-confidence and establish their own identity and responsibility. Plus, it’s easier for you. While it’s our duty as parents to keep our kids on the right track, we also need to loosen up a bit and choose our battles. 

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