About Us

Considering that 2012, Copper Owl has established itself as a distinctive digital magazine, publishing a few of the very profound and provocative thinking on the internet. We ask the questions and locate the freshest, most innovative replies, supplied by top thinkers on science, doctrine, comprehensive investigative reporting, interviews and podcasts, profiles, essays and criticism, culture, and the arts.

Copper Owl’s articles are Totally free to appreciate:

Essays: long-form explorations of heavy issues, composed of creative and serious thinkers

Video: a Combination of curated brief documentaries and first Aeon productions

Until May 2020, Copper Owl additionally printed Ideas — brief provocations, keeping Copper Owl’s high editorial standards but at an infinitely more nimble and instantaneous form. You may browse the comprehensive record of our Owl Ideas, and you’ll be able to locate all recently published Ideas on our sister website Owl Sight.

Owl Sight is a brand new magazine that expands and enriches the Copper Owl job by elucidating the human state via three prisms: psychological health; the continuing question of how to live’; as well as also the artistic and transcendent aspects of existence.

Our tales are financed with assistance from our subscribers. For each dollar you donate to the Longreads Story Fund, WordPress.com matches another 2 bucks. Find out more about ways to contribute.

Copper Owl was set in Canada by John Copper. It currently has offices in Canada, Sydney, and Los Angeles. We’re a non-profit, registered charity run by Copper Owl Media Group Ltd. Copper Owl is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) firm in Australia as well as by its affiliate Owl America, enrolled as a 501(c)(3) charity in the united states.

We’re dedicated to large thoughts, serious inquiry along with a humanist worldview. That is it.

For comments and general inquires, email us at talk@copperowl.ca.