Frequently Asked Questions

Are minors allowed?

Unfortunately not, we are a 19+ only venue. All patrons are required to bring two pieces of valid identification. 

When do you open?

We are an events-based bar and venue, therefore we do not have regular hours like most other bars. Typically though, we are open Wednesday through Saturday nights, and other nights based upon our event bookings. Please have a look at our Calendar for details about events. To stay up-to-date on what's happening we encourage you to join our facebook group, like our facebook page, and follow us on instagram. We even tweet sometimes. 

Do you serve food?

We don't have a kitchen, but we do serve some bar snacks. We do allow people to bring in food from other establishments (such as the restaurant downstairs) but we ask that you please not make too much of a mess. 

What kinds of payments do you take?

We accept cash or Visa or Mastercard, and have 3 ATMs onsite. We can start tabs for ease of ordering, however please note that if you leave and forget to pay your tab, we will run your card through for the drinks purchased plus a 20% automatic gratuity. You can retrieve your card during open hours, and will be provided with a receipt outlining the charges on your card.

Do you take reservations?

We do not.

How do I buy tickets for events?

Please check our calander for the event you wish to attend. Usually show entry is paid at the door but sometimes there are shows where advance tickets can be purchased. Ticket information is usually located within the event details. The promoters that book the room handle all ticket money so for a specific event it may be best to reach out to them. 

Can we get a discount if we have a large group?

Maybe! Please email us in advance if your group is larger then 10 people. All door entry must be purchased at once. Discounts are not available for ticketed shows and certain special events.

How do I book your venue?

Our preferred method for booking is through email. Please specify date, expected draw, type of event, list of performers. Please see guideline and rates below.

I'm in a band, how can we book a show?

First you'll need to work out a show proposal and an expected timeline for your event. 

Once you have a date on hold with us, you are expected to put together a bill for the show. You are the promoter, not the venue, not the booker, you! 90% of promotion should be dealt with by the promoter. 

Your bill is approved based on viability and/or expected draw. If the Copper Owl approaches you about a show, then we are the promoters. 

Please book with all of this in mind and remember, you are the promoter! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

We'd like to book a private function, what are your venue rates?

Please use as a guideline, as each event is treated differently however the base rates are as follows. It is always good to email us for a direct quote as there are many variables to events and we may be able to provide you with a discount. Please contact us at  

Weekday including Sundays: $100 per hour

Weekend Fri/Sat: $1200 base rate ( can be negotiated based on expected attendance )

$25 per hour sound tech fee for live performance (3 hr min)

$25 min. fee for DJ set up

$25 clean up fee for catered events

$20 fee for use of video projector

What is included in the base room rental rate? 

- Full bar service and staff

- Tables and chairs + additional tables and chairs should they be required (subject to availability).

- Some show promotion limited to social media for non-private events. 

- Door staff

- Liability insurance

- Sound/lighting system

Discounts are available for groups exceeding 80 people. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total is required to secure the booking. These rates do not include tax. We also require you to sign a provided contract stipulating terms for the evening. All rates do not include 12% tax to be added onto the total bill. 

What are the Venue Sound Specifics?

1 12" 250 W Yorkville Elite sub
1 18" 2000 W Yorkville Elite sub
2 E10P 10" powered monitors ( any additional monitors can be rented at show expense and with enough notice )
4 Powered Yorkville PS15P's 15" mains
1 full Shure drum mic kit, 3 57's and one DM52
5 Shure SM 58's
2 extra Shure SM 57's 
1 Sennheiser 609
6 mic boom stands
4 instrument boom stands
1 kick mic stand
1 mono DI
2 stereo DI's
1 Soundcraft 16 Channel mixer with onboard FX
1 12 channel heavy duty snake
2 LED large spotlights
2 LED small spotlights
2 AMDJ pinspots
1 lighting board
2 monitor/main dual band ART355 EQ's
1 ART PROVLA vox stereo Vox compressor
- all necessary XLR's and various cabling for various things.
1 12' by 14' circle recessed stage

2 Technics turntables and mixer for DJ events can be rented for $100 per night. You must provide your own needles, headphones and any extra cables you might need. 

Further questions can be directed to